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We couldn't be happier with our first ever camp experience for our 5 year old! We are so impressed by the organized, friendly, diverse, and energetic NEOC team. My daughter had the best time at her two weeks there and we are already looking forward to next summer!" NEOC (K-1st grade)
I love the positive feedback my sons receive from their counselors on their way to the car after camp. It means a lot to my oldest, who is very hard on himself. I can't believe the team keeps the fun going outside all day. It's so great for my boys to be away from screens! Archery is a big favorite for both of them. They come home so tired, in a good way!" NEOC (6th-8th grade)
I loved my son's experience (and so did he) of being outside all day long, and really taking advantage of all that Elm Bank has to offer." NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My daughter just finished her 2 weeks at NEOC and I just wanted to send a note to say that she had a wonderful time ... it was her first time doing an outdoors camp and she loved it. Thank you for organizing such a great camp program for her age group. We will definitely be back next year!" NEOC (K-1st grade)
We can't wait to sign up for next year. My 4th grade daughter loved the camp!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
I just wanted to thank you for a great week last week for my son! He had a tough first day, but when I called to talk about it with the staff, everyone was so responsive and helpful. His next day was so much better and just kept getting better from there. By Friday, he was rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars and saying he’d come back next year!" NEOC (6th-8th grade)
The counselors were always so upbeat and seemed to really love being there. That was fabulous!" NEOC (K-1st grade)
I loved, loved, loved the slower paced, all outdoors, and no screen or electronics orientation for my son. Brilliant! And loved Elm Bank — a glorious place for a camp. Our family had a great experience." NEOC (6th-8th grade)
Our daughter loved NEOC so much that she says we need to sign her up every single year until she's 16, and at that point she wants to train to be a counselor there! We found it very well-organized and well-thought-out, and enjoyed the continuity from week-to-week. And we loved the counselors. I can't say enough about how kind, engaging, and all around wonderful they were with our daughter. She still talks about them often and misses them. Our daughter especially loved canoeing, shelter-building, weaving with various botanicals, ponding, and archery. And, of course, Friday s'mores!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
This camp was made for my son. He loved everything about this experience — being outdoors, exploring the woods, learning more about nature, the amazing counselors, and getting to meet new friends. He truly adored the counselors, and looked forward to camp each and every day. He cried when we left on the last day, begging to keep going. He actually made a comment that if school was like NEOC, he would be happy to go every single day. Thank you SO MUCH for creating NEOC — this has been an experience of a lifetime for our son — and we cannot wait to sign up for next year!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
We absolutely loved the experience our daughter had. It was so special for our first time ever as parents and camper so we didn't know what to expect but we were blown away by the education, care, and FUN our daughter had." NEOC (K-1st grade)
Canoeing was a big hit! It was great to see the photos. Thank you to the team, and especially my son's counselor, for all the dedication to helping him enjoy his experience." NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My daughter's favorite part of the day was extended care, after the buses had left with the majority of the campers. This is completely due to the fantastic counselors, who showered her with attention and fun — she thrived in their company! I can't say enough about how kind, engaging, and all around wonderful they were with her. She still talks about them often and misses them." NEOC Extended Day
You really did a stellar job. My kids were beyond happy to be there, asked for additional weeks, and want to return next summer. My daughter is already planning to be on staff some day! :-D" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My daughter's favorite activities were ponding, identifying rocks, and s'mores. She loved the big, warm welcome she received from counselors upon arrival. She loved earning badges! She really appreciated having a choice on her activities for the next day." NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My boys loved playing in the woods! It was what they looked forward to the most when we first showed them the website, and it lived up to their imaginations. The shelter building was their favorite, but they also just liked the hikes in the woods." NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My son is having the best experience so far. He was very nervous and hesitant to start a new camp and now he’s already saying it’s his favorite camp. Thank you, thank you!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My son has greatly enjoyed camp so far — all the outdoor activities, the counselors, and making new friends. He specially mentioned the hikes, playing "camouflage" in the woods, and archery as a special highlight." NEOC (6th-8th grade)
Very supportive counselors — it was my daughter's first ever camp experience and I was a bit worried about how it would go … but the counselors were so sweet and supportive that first day! It went really well!! Thank you!" NEOC (K-1st grade)
Loved how the campers jumped into big activities on day 1 and 2, like archery and canoeing. Also love the energy from the counselors. All the familiar faces help build comfort and rapport!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My son is LOVING his experience at NEOC and comes home regaling us with stories about his day and bubbling with energy as he talks about what the next day might bring (Armpit Fudge?!?). Thank you for creating such a fun and fulfilling experience." NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My daughter loved her first day! Despite not knowing anyone at the camp, she came home talking about two new friends she'd met, as well as really lovely interactions with counselors and fun activities. It's very early, but at this point, she is really happy (and eager to try canoeing and archery). It was wonderful to hear from her that (at least to her understanding) there's a specific counselor dedicated to helping kids feel connected, included, and comfortable. I love that!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My daughter has been having fun and loves that her councilors have played princess with her." NEOC (K-1st grade)
My son has loved camp as much this year as he did last year. He has such a great time and loves the counselors." NEOC (6th-8th grade)
The big canoeing day on Thursday of River Runners camp was a huge highlight. Each day of the week was thoughtfully preparing my daughter mentally and physically for the big day. She had a deep sense of achievement. The s’mores gathering and patches made it extra amazing for her. She proudly shared her patches with family." River Runners
Canoeing on the river was a peaceful activity. The counselors were great!!" River Runners
My son really loved the Friday s'mores. He also really liked the morning meeting times when he got to participate in the songs and chants with everybody. He truly looked forward to extended day after camp." NEOC Extended Day
My son is so happy to go to camp everyday and tell us about it when we pick him up each afternoon. He said today “I love NEOC” which is great to hear as a parent! It feels like a well run and warm environment so far." NEOC (K-1st grade)
Our daughter loves NEOC. She enjoys every activity and was particularly proud of the patches she earned this year. The patches are a great idea. She is so excited to return to NEOC next year and earn more patches. It was a nice touch to give returning campers a special patch." NEOC (K-1st grade)
My daughter felt a sense of community which is hard for her as an only child who also lives out of her school's district. This experience has been so positive on her confidence to make new friendships and has just made her so happy. I notice her anxiety melted away and she was just embracing the adventures and excitement around being a kid. Thank you!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
The counselors were the highlight of my son's experience at NEOC. We could tell he really valued spending time with them. It was his first summer camp experience ever and although he was initially nervous he ended up having a wonderful time and has asked to attend again next year! He came home singing the songs, telling us about new activities he got to try, and he still carries his canoe patch around with him. Thank you for creating such a welcoming and fun environment for him to explore this summer!" NEOC (K-1st grade)
This was my son's first time at NEOC and he really enjoyed it! The games, the campers, and the size of the camp really suited him — he came home super happy every day. Another thing that he liked was when his group went canoeing and he didn't want to, he was allowed to join another group and plant a flower (he's taking good care of it and named it George the Dinosaur). It was nice that he wasn't forced to go and that you all gave him that agency — he felt really respected! Thanks!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
A favorite part of the day of mine is when we do sign-ups. It is interesting to see campers of all ages interact with each other in their favorite things and playing games. Making things with other campers that are not just in my group is fun. I also really like canoeing. It is very peaceful and enjoyable and I can watch wildlife closer then usual. Making things is great too. I especially liked learning how to make slime. And it is cool that the compass, binoculars, and candles are usable. Going into the trails are amazing as well. Learning how to shelter-build is a great skill to have. Last but not least, I am very grateful for learning how to make friendship bracelets." NEOC (6th-8th grade)
Thank you for such an excellent camp! We really appreciated the attention to detail with outdoor fun, kindness, safety, food allergy awareness, help with pick-up and drop-offs by your enthusiastic staff, having the nurse reach out before camp, having different groups by age, and making such a great experience. My son was so proud of his little badges at the end of camp and explained each one. Thanks again! My son would love to come back next year." NEOC (K-1st grade)
My children said this was their favorite camp and they can't wait to attend next year. I really liked what I saw with interactions of campers and counselors. The counselors walked them to the car and talked and joked with them along the way. At some other camps my children had fun but the counselors seemed to not to engage with any of the kids as much" NEOC LINX Camps Services: Early Drop-Off
Our kids — in the River Runners and 2nd grade programs — had a great experience at NEOC! Each day they would (without prompting) share many details about activities, friends they made, and camp counselors they loved being with. Canoeing, archery, slip and slide, and Friday s'mores were the favorites but they enjoyed all of the activities!" River Runners
The River Runners camp counselors were excellent. One of them made it a point to encourage my son and point out positive aspects of the day. I really appreciated his expertise and positive mentorship. He made an impact, and it was only a five day camp!" River Runners
It makes a huge difference that counselors know each child by name. Details like that are why we love NEOC. My kids also loved the camp songs. Thanks for a great few weeks of camp!" NEOC (4th-5th grade)
My son's time at NEOC was legendary. Every day I picked him up he was smiling, dirty, and full of stories about all of his fun activities and the amazing counselors. He told me over and over again it was the best camp he’d ever been to and at 13 that’s a a tall order because he’s been so many over the past 8 years. He loved it so much we added two weeks! His patch is proudly displayed in his room. He wants to return next year and honestly part of the reason why is because he thinks of NEOC as a little summer family. Congratulations for doing what you do. These kids feel it and appreciate it, and I do too as a parent. They are only young once and you help them rejoice in what it means to be young and carefree and full of wonder. Thank you!!!!" NEOC (6th-8th grade)
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