Our bus is the most convenient way for campers to get to and from camp. Our buses cover many towns in the greater Boston area, and we are always open to adding additional towns.
We hire and train counselors to serve as Bus Captains and Bus Monitors. Bus Captains greet families at each stop and work hard to make your child(ren)'s bus ride an extension of the camp day by incorporating games and spirit challenges along the way! At the end of the day, Bus Captains ensure that each child is safely delivered to their designated stop and that campers are picked up only by authorized individuals. Each bus also has at least one Bus Monitor. Bus Monitors help with attendance, loading campers on and off the bus, and supervising camper behavior.
Our bus schedules for summer 2023 are under development. Families who register for the bus will receive an email as soon as the times are set, which will be in the spring.

Weeks of Service

Bus service is offered for the weeks of June 26th through August 21st.

There is no bus service the first two weeks NEOC is running, or the very last week.


Pick-up cards are required each day at drop-off and pick-up. Our Bus Captains use secure, proprietary LINX technology to track attendance and correctly identify individuals authorized for pick-up.
Please plan to arrive at your stop 10 minutes before bus pick-up in the morning and 10 minutes before the bus drop-off in the afternoon.
Buses depart from our campus by 4:30pm each afternoon to begin their routes.
Please note: Bus schedules are subject to change.

Bus Stop Request

Each summer we create bus stops at optimal locations for our families and take recommendations for the safest bus stop locations. The more families from one neighborhood that attend NEOC during the same weeks, the more likely we can place a bus stop right in the neighborhood!

Request a Bus Stop


The cost of the bus is $10 less per week for each sibling. For example, if the current bus promotion is $60/week, then the first child from the family to ride the bus costs $60, their sibling costs $50/week, their next sibling costs $40/week, etc.

2023 Rates

You won’t see a better rate than you see today! As summer gets closer, each future promotion will never be quite as awesome as the one before it.

We offer a sibling discount on bus service which is $10 less per week for each sibling. Please use the calculator below, rather than the chart, for an estimate that reflects your rate with bus savings.

Read a full description of our billing, cancellation, and changes policies.

Cancellation Policy

Due to when we sign bus contracts and make staffing commitments, our service cancellation policy is:

  • After January 15th, only credit will be issued and the amount of credit will follow the sliding scale described on our policies page.
  • After June 1st, no refund or credit will be given.
During Registration
Once you've selected your camp weeks, you will be able to add bus service during the checkout process.
After Registration