Patch System

We use a patch system at NEOC to reward, recognize, and encourage campers!

On their first day of camp for the summer, campers receive a patch base:

Each morning thereafter, campers move their patch base from the "out" to "in" board when they arrive at camp. This housekeeping task is more importantly an exciting chance for campers to see if they earned a new patch!

On a camper's last day at camp for the summer, they are proudly presented with their patch base and patches to take home to share with their family and friends and to hold as a keepsake of their summer at NEOC.

Patch Meanings

You will see in the guide below that patches represent learning accomplishments, acquiring skills, nature and conservation knowledge, and personal growth. There is also a very special birthday patch that campers receive — if their birthday takes place when they are not in camp, which is the case for most of our campers, they receive the patch in the mail! We add new patches each summer and tweak the meaning of some patches from summer to summer.

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